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There is the moment in free filipina dating when a couple turns from the bliss of the honeymoon and encounters their first problem, issue, difference or upset. This is a shock, and may lead to disappointment or doubts. The expansion and openness of the honeymoon reverses, and there is a contraction. Just like the intial opening, the contraction the closing down is an internal state. Yet, just as before, it is blamed on single filipina women. Now, we think, that is the ladies of the philippines myth coming alive inside of us, effecting us to think and possibly act in ways that will take our relationship down a negative path. In this sense, the common myth of foreign girls is a very dangerous one indeed because it usually ends up being a relationship breaker. Often Angeles city philippines girls cannot see what to do when their love gets challenged or tested by time. Cute filipina girls hope the other will reinspire all those great feelings of opening and expanding. This way of thinking is a trap. You make it the other person's job to open you. Cannot be done. When you get right down to it, couples in this trap are being passive and out of touch with their own true power of loving. The trap is this. Each person is depending on a philippine woman to make things better again. That is called co dependency. As it never works, each ends up resenting the other person. In the honeymoon, the relationship theme is you make me feel great.  But when challenges arise, in the next phase of love and if couples remain passive the next theme becomes, you make me feel bad. There is that next phase to love, the one beyond the honeymoon. If we want to be married a filipina to deepen and last, we need to realize that happily ever after includes feelings other than happiness. There will be challenges. We are the ones who must realize it is our own openness that is the key to keeping Philippines brides great and growing and then learn to open ourselves even when there are challenges.

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